Got any more questions? Please find below answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need some more help, just get in touch with us.

  • I did not receive an order confirmation by email.

    This may be due to:
    – You entered a wrong email address.
    – Email was dropped into spam file.
    – Order is not complete.
    – Due to a system error no confirmation email was sent.
    If these 3 items do not apply, please get in touch with our customer service. We will check your order for which we need your email address and your name under which you placed your order.

  • Can I change or cancel my order?

    Subsequent changes are not possible, only cancellation and new order.
    For cancellations, please contact our customer service with details of the order number.

  • Where can I check the status of my order?

    In your customer account. Besides you will receive an order confirmation as well as a confirmation that your order has left our company.

  • Can I reuse a design I had previously used in one of my earlier orders?

    No, the design is only used once for the initial order and is not being saved. So you have to make up a new design.

  • Can I return the product if not satisfied?

    Ja. Yes. Please enclose our return form, so we can process the return.

  • Replacement

    Incorrectly delivered or damaged goods will of course be replaced. But please contact our customer service first.

  • What color ist he film of Mein Handy Design without a motive?

    The film we use for Mein Handy Design is white. Printing of transparent film is not yet feasible. If you create your own design without selecting a background color, the background will automatically be white.

  • Do the motives in the shop also come in other colors?

    No, only the colors shown in the shop are available.

  • Mein Handy Design shows a narrow margin (without foil).

    Some smartphones may not be laminated to the outer edge. The narrow margin guarantees, however, that the film will stick well and last a long time.